switch cheap kvm with scroll lock led on xorg

xset led 3
xset -led 3
sleep 1
xset led 3
sleep 1
xset -led 3


fedora directory in emiscabpo dowload folder :)

As I use Fedora regularly I’ve made a new directory on my download repository to upload the rpms I made.

You can find it at:


I’ve uploaded xbmc compiled for fedora 11 i586, and kchmviewer 5.1 for fedora 12 i686 and sources (see also https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=575091).


Ampache and AAC nero/apple tags track numbers

I’ve installed ampache 3.5.1 on a machine, and I discovered that it cannot get track numbers from MP4/AAC files tagged by Nero AAC encoder o Apple encoder.

This issue can be solved by writing a script that uses faad to get the track number, and modifying some ampache code.

The scripts is:

$ cat /usr/local/bin/gettracknoaac.sh

if [ -z "$1" ]; then
 echo usage: $0 file

faad -i "$1" 2>&1 |grep track: |cut -d\   -f2

You need also to edit the file /usr/share/ampache/www/lib/class/vainfo.class.php (this is the ampache debian package path, please change it to match your installation). Locate the function getinfo and add before the line at the end of the function:


the code:

if($this->tags['quicktime']['track']==0) {
 $this->tags['quicktime']['track']=exec('/usr/local/bin/gettracknoaac.sh '.escapeshellarg($this->filename).'',$retval);

Enabling the debug log to level 5 on ampache you can see that it gets the track numbers from the mp4/aac files.

My madwifi module settings for eeepc atheros ar5025 wifi

After some tuning I found that to get optimal wifi speed with the madwifi-free driver on my home I had to set:
options ath_pci hal_tpc=1 intmit=1 ratectl=amrr


Tivoli Directory Server init script for redhat

Here is a very simple init script for IBM Tivoli Directory Server V. 6.0.


#       /etc/init.d/ibmslapd
#       IBM Tivoli init script
#       2009 - Emilio Scalise, < emisca at rocketmail dot com >
# chkconfig: 345 70 20
# description: IBM Tivoli init script

# Source function library.
. /etc/init.d/functions

start() {
        echo -n "Starting ibmslapd: "
        daemon --check ibmslapd /opt/ibm/ldap/V6.0/sbin/slapd
        touch /var/lock/subsys/ibmslapd
        return $RETVAL

stop() {
        echo -n "Shutting down ibmslapd: "
        /opt/ibm/ldap/V6.0/sbin/slapd -k
        rm -f /var/lock/subsys/ibmslapd
        return $RETVAL

case "$1" in
        echo "Usage: ibmslapd {start|stop|status|reload|restart[|probe]"
        exit 1
exit $?

repository upgrade.. pidgin 2.4.3

Today I’ve backported and uploaded pidgin 2.4.3 from lenny.

Enjoy it 😀

lyx repository update

I’ve uploaded the new lyx 1.5.4 compiled for Etch on i386 and amd64 architecture.

The lyx 1.4 repository was dropped due to disk space quota limitations. I think that lyx 1.5 is enough mature to replace the 1.4 branch completely. Please contact me if you need the old packages….

zune-like black theme for KDE/QtCurve

I’ve made a black theme for kde using the QtCurve engine (you can use the qtcurve packages in the misc-backports repository..).




I’ve taken inspiration from the Micro$oft (oh my god…) Zune theme.. i liked it 😉



lyx 1.5.x and 1.4.5 backports

You can find here lyx 1.5.3:

deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/emiscabpo/lyx15-bpo ./

and here it is the 1.4.5 version (for the ones who want to stick with the 1.4.x version:

deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/emiscabpo/lyx14-bpo ./

These repositories contain a backported libboost 1.34 library, that could be installed alongside the 1.33 version. Please note that the libboost-dev package of the 1.34 version overrides the libboost 1.33 one in apt.

new compiz-fusion backport repository

I have made another repo for compiz fusion, using the official source packages that now, thanks to Sean Finney, are in debian Sid.

This is the apt line:

deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/emiscabpo/compiz-debian-backport ./

Maybe some of you have seen that this repo was here for a while, but I preferred to test a bit those packages waiting that there are in an usable state.

Note that you must completely remove the packages from my old repo before using these packages to avoid problems.