Debian backports and other

Hi everybody, I’ve made this blog to share some things I made about debian linux and maybe other things.

I’ve uploaded some Debian Etch backports on
Please read the file README before using these repositories.

This repository includes all the gnome 2.18 packages backported from debian testing:

deb ./

The other one includes some miscellaneous packages I backported (k3b, amarok, pidgin, ntfs-3g, uswsup and many more):

deb ./

There is also another repository (less tested and more experimental) that includes all xorg 7.3 packages from debian unstable:

deb ./

Packages are not signed, as I don’t already have a gpg key, apt will give you a warning.
Use this packages at your risk. If something don’t work, please tell me, I’ll try to fix problems when I can.


3 comments so far

  1. Peter Mann on

    PLEASE, make amd64 packages for Debian Etch, thanks

  2. Peter Mann on

    PLEASE, make amd64 etch packages, thanks

  3. emiscabpo on

    Sorry, I have no amd64 distro installed, nor the time to re-compile all those packages.

    Perhaps if you want to contribute you are welcome.

    I use most of the time original debian sources.

    The scripts I use are in:


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