Repository update, pidgin, hibernate, suspend2-ui

I’ve uploaded some new packages in the last days in the misc-backports repository.

These are:

  • pidgin 2.2.1, backported from debian/unstable
  • hibernate 0.97, I’ve updated by myself the debian unstable package, I’ll send them the sources 😉
  • suspend2-ui, backported from debian/unstable

Good download….


2 comments so far

  1. Enrique Garcia on


    Where are your repositories, Are they valid for installing the pidgin for an Debian Etch box?

    I’m currently using gaim, and everywhere I had look for pidgin I’d been unable to find any repository, and I would like to install with dpkg just as last.

  2. emiscabpo on

    see the link under the title of this blog “Debian backports repository”
    Pidgin is in the misc-backports repository.
    It’s backported against etch.
    Be sure to completely uninstall gaim before installing pidgin to avoid issues with the application configuration.

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