flashplayer and gtk+2.0 2.10.13

I’ve had some issues (like many others on the web) with flashplayer 9 (9.0.31 and 9.0.48) and gtk+2.0 > 2.10.11.
I’ve found that flashplayer calls some gtk function, before gtkinit() is called. This causes an error, that freezes the browser. This affects only konqueror and opera, because they are qt apps, and they don’t call gtkinit(). Firefox works well because it’s a gtk app.

When flash folks will fix it? For now I’ve patched gtk+2.0 with an ubuntu patch that disables the assertion that checks that gtk_init() is called…
Patched gtk+2.0 version in my repository is 2.10.13-1~bpo40+1. The patch included is 091_workaround_no_gtk_init_incorrect_display.patch

gtk+2.0 versions <= 2.10.11 are not affected by this problem.


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