Compiz Fusion 0.6.0 + Compiz 0.6.2 for Etch

I’ve re-debianized and updated the official compiz fusion 0.6.0 release + compiz core 0.6.2. Packages are for i386 and compiled against pure Etch. ccsm may not work due to some python libs in etch, please report me if it works 😉
Be sure to uninstall and disable other compiz fusion/compiz packages and repositories before installing these packages.

BACKUP your settings using ccsm or other methods if you are interested preserving them.

The repository is this:
deb ./
source packages are here:
deb-src ./

You can browse through source packges using this link:

I’ve moved the older git snapshots of compiz fusion from the gnome 2.18 bpo repo to a separate dir. The apt line it’s:
deb ./

The compiz-gnome218-bpo is here only for reference, but it’s deprecated in favor of the stable release.

Thanks to:
shame (shame at tuxfamily dot org)
Michael Vogt (mvo at ubuntu dot com)
Travis Watkins (amaranth at ubuntu dot com)
Thierry Reding (thierry at gilfi dot de)

who debianized older compiz/compiz fusion sources. My work is based on their work..
Thanks to all the compiz fusion and compiz developers!

And finally, many many thanks to tuxfamily that increased my repository quota to 4gb!
(so I’ll upload kde 3.5.8 packages soon…)


15 comments so far

  1. Eric on

    nice job! one question: does this work with ubuntu gusty? thanks

  2. emiscabpo on

    For sure you need to start with source packages, and build them, using pbuilder or similar methods.
    If you need help using pbuilder I’ll guide you. For a starting point see:

  3. KhaaL on

    I tried this on gutsy, and it didn’t work well (ccsm and emeral broke)

  4. emiscabpo on

    @ Khaal

    The fact that these packages don’t work on ubuntu gutsy is definitely normal. They are for Debian Etch 4.0, not for other distributions.

    You can use perhaps, as I said for debian sid, recompile the source packages on your distribution.

  5. va1e on


  6. miksuh on

    Great! I have been searching for compiz-fusion packages for Debian Etch. I’ll probably try this today when I’m at home.

  7. pad on

    so… interesting miksuh!
    Does it works on Etch?

  8. emiscabpo on

    Yes, they are tested mainly on etch. Follow the instructions to avoid problems.
    I still have to add some metapackages to help newbies to install rapidly all the compiz fusion packages.
    For now you have to choose them manually, for example using synaptic. A rapid way is selecting the compiz package, compiz-fusion-* packages, compizconfig-settings-manager and emerald plus themes.

  9. Maxei on

    Thanks for providing these packages. I’ve been using Debian Etch for a short while and now want to try the 3D-effects. My question is: are these packages for Gnome only? What about KDE, do they work? I am using Synaptic. When searching for Compiz I get 17 packages listed, all of them are from your repository, except one called Compiz-gtk version 0.2.2-1 from Debian.

    I see also that 10 packages are labeled version 0.6.0-0 and 6 aare labelled version 1:0.6.2-0.

    It is a bit confusing for me. Can you tell me which are the packages that I should install? I want to use compiz in both gnome and kde. By the way, I have aan ATI Radeon 9250 grafics card. which is the best driver to use? Thanks a lot.


  10. emiscabpo on

    Hi Maxei, I’ll try to reply to all your questions..
    They work flawlessy under KDE. Currently I’m using kde, and not Gnome.
    To get compiz started automatically you can set under /etc/environment the variable KDEWM adding a line like this:

    compiz-gtk 0.2.2 package is not present anymore in the 0.6.2 packages, so it should not be installed (there is the need of a transitional package perhaps, Sean Finney is working on better debian compiz fusion packages, see

    Compiz fusion release is 0.6.0, while the Compiz core version is 0.6.2 in my packages. This is why some packages are 0.6.0, and some 0.6.2.

    With your ati I’ll use the free r200 driver. The fglrx driver doesn’t support aiglx (only the 8.42.3 driver does).
    Perhaps I’ve read that the 8.42.3 driver is a bit unstable on older ati cards like yours.

    You should try what is better for you……


  11. Alan on

    Hi! When I try this on Debian etch, I get:
    Checking for Xgl: not present

    On Ubuntu, there is an xgl package I can install, but it is not present in etch.

    Also, ccsm does not run because it wants pygtk 2.10 or greater, etch only has 2.8


  12. emiscabpo on

    The compiz-manager script does all possible checks to make compiz work. You can ignore that warning, as Xgl is not necessary with Xorg >= 7.1 and AIGLX.
    Xgl is also not maintaned anymore.

    In another post another user asked the same about ccsm. You can’t use it out of the box on etch, but you can install a python-gtk 2.10 backport if you want, and it will work.
    You can find that backport on the gnome218-bpo repository.

    If you don’t want to upgrade your gtk and python-gtk libraries, simply use plain gconf or text files to configure compiz. ccsm is optional.


  13. anonymous on

    tnx, but my gconf editor doesn’t show me any new plugins, only old ones are available. Any idea?

  14. emiscabpo on

    Maybe you are not using the gconf plugin, but instead the ini or the kconfig plugin..
    At the first use, it should populate gconf with all the settings..

  15. anonymous on

    i’m sure to use gconf because i can see modification made by this editor reflected to compiz. How to populate /compiz gconf manually? I haven’t found a schema for that

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