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lyx 1.5.x and 1.4.5 backports

You can find here lyx 1.5.3:

deb ./

and here it is the 1.4.5 version (for the ones who want to stick with the 1.4.x version:

deb ./

These repositories contain a backported libboost 1.34 library, that could be installed alongside the 1.33 version. Please note that the libboost-dev package of the 1.34 version overrides the libboost 1.33 one in apt.


new compiz-fusion backport repository

I have made another repo for compiz fusion, using the official source packages that now, thanks to Sean Finney, are in debian Sid.

This is the apt line:

deb ./

Maybe some of you have seen that this repo was here for a while, but I preferred to test a bit those packages waiting that there are in an usable state.

Note that you must completely remove the packages from my old repo before using these packages to avoid problems.