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lyx repository update

I’ve uploaded the new lyx 1.5.4 compiled for Etch on i386 and amd64 architecture.

The lyx 1.4 repository was dropped due to disk space quota limitations. I think that lyx 1.5 is enough mature to replace the 1.4 branch completely. Please contact me if you need the old packages….


new compiz-fusion backport repository

I have made another repo for compiz fusion, using the official source packages that now, thanks to Sean Finney, are in debian Sid.

This is the apt line:

deb ./

Maybe some of you have seen that this repo was here for a while, but I preferred to test a bit those packages waiting that there are in an usable state.

Note that you must completely remove the packages from my old repo before using these packages to avoid problems.

updated compiz 0.6.2 uploaded…

These should fix the problem.. The new version is 0.6.2-0~emiscabpo+2.


little error in the compiz-manager startup script…

I missed changing the path variables on the compiz-manager script, copied to /usr/bin/compiz by the compiz-core_0.6.2-0~emiscabpo+1.deb.

The incriminated lines are:
COMPIZ_BIN_PATH=”/usr/local/bin/” # For window decorators and compiz
COMPIZ_NAME=”compiz” # Final name for compiz (compiz.real)

fixed to:
COMPIZ_BIN_PATH=”/usr/bin/” # For window decorators and compiz
COMPIZ_NAME=”compiz.real” # Final name for compiz (compiz.real)

Tell me if there are other issues..

kde 3.5.8 backports are online :-D

I’ve finished syncing my local repository, with the tuxfamily one. Now kde 3.5.8 is online.
The apt line is:
deb ./

You can also find the dsc and the diff.gz of the packages here:

The orig.tar.gz are not present due to preserve disk space. They could be find on or

I’ve added the dsc and diff.gz also for other repositories:

Compiz Fusion 0.6.0 + Compiz 0.6.2 for Etch

I’ve re-debianized and updated the official compiz fusion 0.6.0 release + compiz core 0.6.2. Packages are for i386 and compiled against pure Etch. ccsm may not work due to some python libs in etch, please report me if it works 😉
Be sure to uninstall and disable other compiz fusion/compiz packages and repositories before installing these packages.

BACKUP your settings using ccsm or other methods if you are interested preserving them.

The repository is this:
deb ./
source packages are here:
deb-src ./

You can browse through source packges using this link:

I’ve moved the older git snapshots of compiz fusion from the gnome 2.18 bpo repo to a separate dir. The apt line it’s:
deb ./

The compiz-gnome218-bpo is here only for reference, but it’s deprecated in favor of the stable release.

Thanks to:
shame (shame at tuxfamily dot org)
Michael Vogt (mvo at ubuntu dot com)
Travis Watkins (amaranth at ubuntu dot com)
Thierry Reding (thierry at gilfi dot de)

who debianized older compiz/compiz fusion sources. My work is based on their work..
Thanks to all the compiz fusion and compiz developers!

And finally, many many thanks to tuxfamily that increased my repository quota to 4gb!
(so I’ll upload kde 3.5.8 packages soon…)

kde 3.5.8 backports are done, but still not uploaded

I’ve done compiling those packages, but they are ~1.3gb, so I need to find disk space to upload them, and the upload will take some time.
I’ve asket tuxfamily folks to increase my disk quota, I’m waiting for them.

If you want to offer me some space to put packages into, please contact me..

compiz-fusion packages updated

I’ve updated compiz fusion packages in the gnome218-bpo repository, with sources taken from Shame’s packages (
If you need compiz-fusion packages compiled against pure Debian Etch, use his repository.

Packages in my repository are compiled against my gnome 2.18 backports.

If you get windows always in fullscreen, using this compiz fusion packages you must disable the “legacy fullscreen support” option in the workarounds plugin. Disabling it should solve the issue for the moment (thanks to

flashplayer and gtk+2.0 2.10.13

I’ve had some issues (like many others on the web) with flashplayer 9 (9.0.31 and 9.0.48) and gtk+2.0 > 2.10.11.
I’ve found that flashplayer calls some gtk function, before gtkinit() is called. This causes an error, that freezes the browser. This affects only konqueror and opera, because they are qt apps, and they don’t call gtkinit(). Firefox works well because it’s a gtk app.

When flash folks will fix it? For now I’ve patched gtk+2.0 with an ubuntu patch that disables the assertion that checks that gtk_init() is called…
Patched gtk+2.0 version in my repository is 2.10.13-1~bpo40+1. The patch included is 091_workaround_no_gtk_init_incorrect_display.patch

gtk+2.0 versions <= 2.10.11 are not affected by this problem.

Debian backports and other

Hi everybody, I’ve made this blog to share some things I made about debian linux and maybe other things.

I’ve uploaded some Debian Etch backports on
Please read the file README before using these repositories.

This repository includes all the gnome 2.18 packages backported from debian testing:

deb ./

The other one includes some miscellaneous packages I backported (k3b, amarok, pidgin, ntfs-3g, uswsup and many more):

deb ./

There is also another repository (less tested and more experimental) that includes all xorg 7.3 packages from debian unstable:

deb ./

Packages are not signed, as I don’t already have a gpg key, apt will give you a warning.
Use this packages at your risk. If something don’t work, please tell me, I’ll try to fix problems when I can.