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new compiz-fusion backport repository

I have made another repo for compiz fusion, using the official source packages that now, thanks to Sean Finney, are in debian Sid.

This is the apt line:

deb ./

Maybe some of you have seen that this repo was here for a while, but I preferred to test a bit those packages waiting that there are in an usable state.

Note that you must completely remove the packages from my old repo before using these packages to avoid problems.


Compiz Fusion 0.6.0 + Compiz 0.6.2 for Etch

I’ve re-debianized and updated the official compiz fusion 0.6.0 release + compiz core 0.6.2. Packages are for i386 and compiled against pure Etch. ccsm may not work due to some python libs in etch, please report me if it works 😉
Be sure to uninstall and disable other compiz fusion/compiz packages and repositories before installing these packages.

BACKUP your settings using ccsm or other methods if you are interested preserving them.

The repository is this:
deb ./
source packages are here:
deb-src ./

You can browse through source packges using this link:

I’ve moved the older git snapshots of compiz fusion from the gnome 2.18 bpo repo to a separate dir. The apt line it’s:
deb ./

The compiz-gnome218-bpo is here only for reference, but it’s deprecated in favor of the stable release.

Thanks to:
shame (shame at tuxfamily dot org)
Michael Vogt (mvo at ubuntu dot com)
Travis Watkins (amaranth at ubuntu dot com)
Thierry Reding (thierry at gilfi dot de)

who debianized older compiz/compiz fusion sources. My work is based on their work..
Thanks to all the compiz fusion and compiz developers!

And finally, many many thanks to tuxfamily that increased my repository quota to 4gb!
(so I’ll upload kde 3.5.8 packages soon…)